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Maker of large ships

Our key strength lies in installing electrical systems on large working vessels, and over the years we have participated in several challenging projects.  Most of these have been vessels built for demanding government use, and they typically vary in size between 20 and 70 meters.

2018 M/S Hammershus

Telesilta worked as main electrical contractor in 68 million euro ship project . The 158 meters long RoPax vessel was built in Rauma Marine Constructions shipyard in Rauma. Telesilta was responsible for electrical installations along with installation of navigation and automation system. Handover ceremony was held in August and ship headed to Denmark. M/S Hammershus started operation between Rønne–Køge and Rønne–Sassnitz in September.

2018 R/V Aranda

MLU project of nearly 30 years old research vessel Aranda was accomplished in Rauma Marine Constructions shipyard. Electrical contract works were performed by Telesilta. Aranda carries a lot of electrical research equipment and the hull was cut in half along with all the cables. Challenging project ended in September and after handover ceremony ship headed to research journey to Gulf of Finland. Special researcher of Finnish Environment Institute SYKE commented after journey that vessel is in great condition and was tested in challenging circumstances with good results.

2011 Multi-purpose vessel Louhi

Our biggest project to date was our role in the building of the multi-purpose vessel Louhi for the Finnish Environment Institute.  Louhi is used for oil recovery and sea rescue, among other duties. Telesilta carried out approximately 10 million Euros´ worth of electrical work on the ship on a turnkey basis, covering everything from planning to implementation.  The project, a challenge due to its size, was completed in May 2011.

Our work include:

  • Minelayers
  • Multi Purpose Oil Recovery Vessels
  • Command boats
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • SAR-vessels
  • Icegoing Pilot Cutters
  • Ferries
  • Buoy Tender Vessels

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